2001 SAS'd Nissan Xterra



Orange County, CA


Year, Make, Model

2001 Nissan Xterra




Last updated



3.3L Nissan VG33E


Gas, 3.3L Nissan VG33E



5 speed manual

Transfer Case

3.7:1 Low range gears for TX-10 t-case

Front Axle

1991 Wagoneer Dana 44, 5.89, Spartan locker

Rear Axle

Stock H233B, 5.857, stock Limited Slip

Suspension and Steering


3 link with Fox 2.0" coilovers in front, Alcan springs SOA with frenched mounts

Tires and Wheels


37" Goodyear Wrangler MTs


Trail Worthy Fab 12 bolt, double beadlocks


After spending the last 15 years Overlanding and crawling the Dusy Erishm, John Bull, and many other trails all over Southern California this Xterra is ready for its next adventure seeker and story maker. With over $35K invested and 100’s of hours of being worked on in my garages, this beast is hungry to get on the trails again. It was my daily driver for over a decade and has always been quite the head-turner.

Shipping: Nope


  • 3.3L Nissan VG33E
  • Longblock rebuilt in 2012 (15K miles ago)
  • New timing belt and water pump at rebuild
  • Knock sensor (relocated to the top of the engine)

Exhaust and emissions:

  • Custom 2” exhaust from the exhaust manifold backs
  • CA legal catalytic converts. It has passed visual SMOG inspection every time without question.


  • Centerforce II (HD upgrade)


  • Stock 5-speed manual transmission

Transfer case:

  • 3.7:1 ratio - Low range reduction gears for TX-10 transfer case


  • Calmini Slip Yolk Eliminator (SYE)
  • Custom 2 piece driveshaft built by Drivelines Incorporated

Air intake and air filter:

  • K&N Cold air intake and filter

Cooling System:

  • New OEM radiator and Cap (just replaced)

Lights & electrical:

  • Custom lightbar (shown in photos) with quick electrical disconnect (trailer hitch wiring harness) on the roof
  • Front rock lights
  • Rear rock light
  • Optima yellow top battery
  • Additional wiring block with relays from a Nissan Quest has been wired into the engine bay for additional accessories
  • Supplement switches on a rocker panel added to the center console
  • Large power inverter located under the passenger front seat

Stereo and entertainment:

  • JL Power Wedge
  • 2x - 10w3’s - subwoofers
  • JL amplifier
  • JL - XR 6.5” Speakers
  • Memphis Audio Amplifier

On-board Air:

  • Viair 330 (100% duty cycle)

Armor and paint:

  • ARB Front bumper w/ winch mount
  • Custom-built swing-away, quick-release rear bumper with frame stiffeners
  • Custom-built HD bolt-on rock sliders
  • 2” Body lift (to accommodate for SAS and SOA rear suspension)
  • Custom paint job. Painted to have a matte battleship grey finish. Paint has faded.


  • Smitty built 8,000 lb winch

Front axle and suspension

  • SAS was based off the All-Pro 3 link Universal (Taco) SAS kit
  • Coil-over Shocks - Fox 2.0” x 10” Travel Emulsion NP980-99-004A
  • Springs (for the coil-overs) - Eibach
  • Top Spring - 0800.250.0350 - 8.00” Length - 2.5” ID - 350 LBS
  • Bottom Spring - 1200.250.0300 - 12.00” Length - 2.5” ID - 300 LBS
  • Front Axle - Dana 44 - Pulled from a 1991 Jeep Wagoneer
  • Knuckles have been cut, rotated 12 degrees up, and rewelded
  • Warn - Manual locking hubs for Dana 44
  • 19 spline for Wagoneers 74-91
  • Warn’s - 20990
  • 5.89 Yukon Ring & Pinion gears
  • Spartan lunchbox locker (for the D44)

Rear Axle and suspension

  • Stock H233B
  • 1 x NISMO – 5.857 Rear H233B Ring and Pinion – Nissan Xterra 2000 – 2004 V6 (NIS-38100-09J70_d) supplied by RuggedRocks
  • Custom Alcan Springs built specifically for this Xterra in its current spring-over axle (SOA) configuration
  • Custom In-frame (frenched) shackle mounts and long shackles
  • Bilstein Shocks - 5150’s - 14” of travel - light valving
  • Custom-built shock mounts and tower for better ground clearance
  • Stock Limited Slip Differential

Wheels and Tires:

  • 5x Trail Worthy Fab - 12-bolt, double bead locks
  • I ordered these new, direct from Trail Worthy Fab. Been wheel’n 4 times.
  • Back Spacing for Flat Centers: 2.50”
  • Bolt Pattern: 6 on 5.5”
  • Wheel Diameter: 16.5”
  • Rock Ring: 16 Hole Rock Ring
  • Welded: Yes
  • Outer Wheel Color: Flat Black
  • Inner Wheel Color: Flat Black
  • Insert: 5x PVC Inserts
  • Tires: 5x 37” Goodyear Wrangler MT ’s (Balanced)

Stuff that needs to be fixed:

  • Needs a new front driveshaft
  • Most of the cooling hoses are original and should be replaced before doing any serious wheeling
  • The heater core has a crack and is being bypassed presently
  • The A/C fan only work on the highest speed (low-speed relays are likely burnt out)
  • The headliner is getting a little old and starting to droop
  • The driver’s side rear window (cargo window) was replaced with tinted plexiglass.