1979 Ford F600 4x4 Overlander, Cummins, Poptop, Allison Trans



Los Angeles, CA


Year, Make, Model

1979 Ford F-600






2002 commercial Cummins 24V





automatic, 2002 Allison 2000, 6 speed

Transfer Case

NP205, rebuilt by Boyce Equipment, 1480 yokes

Front Axle


Rear Axle


Suspension and Steering


Power, ram assist

Tires and Wheels


11R20 Michelin XZL

************See video here: ************


——The Mammoth on the camper is not painted yet!——

I will try to keep this as short as possible, what is difficult with all the work done! This camper is 99% completed. It is one of, or the most unique Overlander you will see. You can’t imagine how many people come to talk or ask if they can take pictures, even the police came to us in a illegal parking to ask if we can take a picture of them with the truck.

I’m traveling/living in it full time and was supposed to do so for the next year at least. But my girlfriend ended up in hospital overseas and needs multiple surgeries in the next months. She won’t be allowed to travel at least for 1 year in the best case. So, I will sell and fly back to be at her side.

The truck and camper were built in 2019, so everything I will list is new.

Truck (all done in 2019):

  • 1979 F600 original 4X4 (Rockwell axles)
  • Engine swapped with a 2002 commercial Cummins 24 valves electronic, no anti-pollution +++ NO SMOG NEEDED, GVW+YEAR+DIESEL
  • Allison 2000 (year 2002) Automatic 6 speed with fully programmable TCM via autocal programmer
  • NP205 transfer case rebuilt by Boyce equipment with 1480 yokes
  • 4 driveshafts, all new 1480 joints, 3 long spline slip yokes
  • 5.83 gear sets, bearings and seal all around diffs and wheel
  • Nickel brake lines and new flexible brake hoses
  • 8 new wheel brake cylinders and new brake shoes
  • 11R20 XZL Michelin Tires
  • Added fuel tank (2 total)
  • FASS fuel pump twin filter lifetime warranty and approved up to 600hp
  • All ½ push lock fuel lines
  • Aluminum 10AN trans cooler and hose
  • Hydraulic hoses for power booster and steering ram assist
  • Rebuilt steering box
  • Starter
  • Custom stainless-steel exhaust and muffler wrapped in heat tape
  • 2 new air heater solenoids
  • 2 new 1100a batteries and wiring
  • All exterior lights are new LED, except the original round headlight
  • LED fog lights, new LED bar (to be installed)
  • Cab was removed cleaned and repainted with Raptor epoxy paint
  • Dynamat insulation, carpet and seat cover
  • Custom dash with speed, rpm, oil temp, engine temp, voltage, oil pressure, fuel level
  • Backup camera/dashcam
  • Pioneer radio and door speakers
  • Heated mirrors


All custom built, the frame is made of Russian plywood in a special matrix pattern for more strength, then fiberglassed in and out with polyester resin. Walls have 3.5 inches of insulation, and ceiling have 2 inches. Every gap is filled with urethane, so there is no possibility of condensation. The roof lifts 4 feet at the back and it makes a full bedroom with Queen size bed. The popup frame is made of galvanized steel and lifts with a winch that is hidden in the cabinet. Counter tops and table are made of thick laminated and oiled hard wood (birch, Cherry wood, Amaranth and black African wood). Cabinets are made of Russian plywood, stained and varnish. Fridge and freezer are integrated in the counter top, it makes it easier to see inside and keeps the cold air from escaping like normal front-loading fridge. Deep 9 inches Blanco (German) sink. Pressurized cold and hot water (electricity or from engine coolant). Wet Toilet with composting toilet and mosaic tile. Completely autonomous, it can be 4 days with no sun at all, only on batteries.

ALL NEW 2019:

  • 220 ah liFePo4 battery (lithium)
  • 60 amp BMS controller
  • 40 amp MPPT solar controller with Bluetooth and APP monitoring
  • 600 Watt Trinastar solar panel (best on the market, Output 650 watt)
  • 2000w/4000w peak pure Sin inverter with remote switch
  • Breaker panel with USB charger and battery voltage
  • 12 volt custom freezer/fridge
  • 3 burners stove with 20lbs propane tank
  • Water pressure pump with accumulator
  • 11 gallons stainless hot water tank
  • 60 gallons fresh water tank
  • 30 gallons grey water tank
  • Queen foam mattress
  • Nature’s head composing toilet
  • Shower pump
  • Pioneer Bluetooth radio, 4 speakers, 12 inches 1300w subwoofer/Amplifier
  • 5Kw diesel heater
  • Skylight
  • Keyless entry latch
  • Fire extinguisher
  • ETC……

Every person who saw it told me that there is now way anybody can build something like this for my asking price, what is true because it only covers the cost of material and professional services. I could get a lot more money if I would wait for the right buyer. I have thousands of hours in this project. It is built to last, it will still stand the same way in 40 years without any doubt. GVWR is 24,000 pounds, currently around 7 tons. It will drive faster than you want to go. I need to calculate again, but I get around 14 mpg at 60 Mph. Feel free to ask any question. Thank you.

Presently in Palm desert, but I can deliver anywhere.