1988 Toyota Pickup, SAS, 38" Boggers



Yucca Valley, CA


Year, Make, Model

1988 Toyota Pickup






4 cylinder, 22RE


Gas, EFI



manual, 5 speed

Transfer Case

dual cases, 4.7:1

Front Axle

Toyota, 5.29, Detroit locker

Rear Axle

Toyota, 5.29, spool

Suspension and Steering


4" Trail Gear lift, Bilstein shocks, SAS

Tires and Wheels


38" Super Swamper Boggers


15" MRT beadlocks



Warn 8274

Bug out Vehicle that will get you there! If your interested AND have the money, here’s the deal.

The truck to get you there is a 1988 Toyota 4x4 SAS. This is by far the best 4x4 I have ever owned. Everyone who rides in her says its the best too.

Here’s why it’s the best 4x4 ever. First off the suspension. The frame of the truck has been reinforced and welded up in all the areas that were weak. Then a 4” Trail Gear suspension all around. Billstien shocks. Front Detroit locker and rebuilt front end with double steering stabilizers. Rear end is spooled. 15” MRT Beadlock rims with 38” Super Swampers! Axle gearing is 5.29 plus double mated transfer cases, bringing the case gears down to 4.70 or so for climbing the most steep boulders and canyons in Johnson Valley. The transfer case has a disk parking brake setup.

Disk brakes on all 4 wheels!

The custom caged flat bed is designed to hold a roof top tent or whatever you want to put up there - its strong. The bed and cage is really well built and can be removed with 6 bolts that attach it to the frame. It has removable aluminum diamond plate bed panels, and special integrated compartments for all your winch gear!

The motor is the bullet proof 22re four cylinder with Doug Thourly headers. Custom Camshaft. 5 speed manual transmission w/short shift range kit. You can drive this on the street because its street legal, but you would probably want to gear it down and put smaller sized tires on. This is definitely set up for crawling up a cliff!

Duel on-road and off-road registration. Smog-ed on 12/07/19, so we will need to smog it again, then you will not need to re-smog it for 2 years.

A Warn 8274 winch sits on a front bumper built to bump and never bend. Corbou racing suspension seats. Doors are custom cut to eliminate the windows. Body is a little bent and dented, but if you want to fix it and never 4x4 you would still be cool. Oh yeah, CO2 air tank mounted to the cage for airing up all the tires after letting out the air for traction. A stainless steel water only fire extinguisher is mounted on the rear of the cage. This is for blasting the mud off your caked windshield after the wipers smeared it into obscurity.

See the photos.

I really don’t want tire kickers or lookie lous. I guess I would be willing to trade something but the value needs to be more than my asking price.