Hendrix-Toy Buggy, propane, duals, Fox 4 links, Diamonds, 39s



Stockton, CA


Year, Make, Model

1983 Custom 2 seater











manual, 5 speed, G54

Transfer Case

dual cases, 4.7:1 gears

Front Axle

Diamond housing, 64", 4.88, ARB Air Locker, high pinion, RCV shafts, Trail Gear Six Shooter Knuckles

Rear Axle

Diamond housing, 64", 9.5" Tundra 3rd member, 4.88, spool, RCV shafts

Suspension and Steering

Front Suspension

4 link, 2.5"x16" Fox Air Shocks, 1.25" heims

Rear Suspension

4 link, 2.5"x18" Fox Air Shocks, 1.25" heims


high steer, PSC full hydro

Tires and Wheels


39" BFG Red Labels


Raceline 17"x8.5" beadlocks



Warn 8000 lb, synthetic winch rope

This was a 1983 Toyota pickup short bed truck. I took the cab and bed off 3 years ago and put a Hendrix chassis on it. It has:

  • 22r on propane
  • G54 transmission
  • Dual cases with 4.7 gears twin sticks and chromoly outputs front and back
  • Custom diamond housing front 64” wms to wms with arb hi pinion 4.88 gears rcv shafts and longfield birfield has longfield hub stub eliminators six shooter knuckles with trunion eliminators
  • Custom diamond rear 64” wms to wms full floating with a 9.5 4.88 spooled tundra 3rd with longfield hub stub eliminators and rcv shafts
  • psc full hydro kit
  • raceline 17x8.5 beadlocks
  • 39 bfg red lables 2 years old
  • warn 8k winch with rope
  • 4 linked front with 2.5 16 fox airshocks with 1.25 heims top and bottom
  • 4 linked rear with 2.5 18 fox airshocks with 1.25 heims top and bottom
  • Dual optima battery’s
  • MasterCraft seats with 5 point harnesses
  • comes with 2 spare propane tanks
  • spare drivelines front and back
  • spare front shafts
  • also have a car trailer that with go with it for asking price
  • current green stickers rig not street legal
  • 112 wheelbase
  • 82” outside tire to outside tire

This rig has been to the hammers every year for the last 6 years it has ran almost all the trails and countless Rubicon and Fordyce trips and Hollister hill trips